Introducing Myself

Hey there lovely human of the internet! 

I’m glad you came. 
Grab a cup of tea and let’s enjoy my first blogpost together. 

I am an illustrator. 
I also work and study 45 hours a week. 
AND I have a social life. 

It is all so weird at the moment. I feel like the day does not have enough hours in it. I find myself googling how to be more productive and reading books like “getting things done” by David Allen

Trying To Do It All 

I’m trying.
Trying to combine my passions with the reality.
Trying to turn my love for art into my full time work. 
Trying to create space for me to grow as an individual and at the same time be useful for the society.
I am trying to create meaning, share love, help, serve, lift up others. 
All of this within a 24h day. 

Bye sleep. 

But hey! Here I am writing my first blogpost on my brand new website.
*happy dance* 
I will be sharing my experience about being an illustrator in a world that is ever developing and changing. 
I have been illustrating digitally for about a year. I had some super duper awesome collaborations, commissions and jobs. (While studying in the medical field full time). 

I also struggled with motivation, artist block and low engagement (thanks instagram algorithm). 
I went through a lot on this journey of becoming and finding myself, my style and my niche. 
It is still all a process and learning curve. Amirite? 
“Never stop learning” is forever my motto. 

Topics That I’ll Write About 


Here on my blog I will be sharing with you my insights on everything that has to do with:

  • Struggles of an Illustrator
  • Finding your own illustration style 
  • Minimalism ans being an artist
  • Self-Development
  • The tools I use to create digital art 
  • how to spread your art and expand your reach 
  • the secret to good illustrations 
  • Going freelance 
  • How to overcome the artist block
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to stay authentic 
  • Time Management and Planning 

And much more. 

I guess you are as excited as I am. 
(If not it’s fine, you’ll get there!) 

Discover My Website

So guys! 
Just a few little infos about my website and I’ll let you finish up your tea.

My website is a place of art, endless creativity, love and freedom.
Whoever comes here, is warmly welcome!
If you want to ask me questions or just say hi (I love questions!) head over to my contact page and write me an email. 
Talking about pages… I also have a shop page on here. Where you can find my prints, stickers and whatever creations will follow that (patches, T-shirts…). 
To see my work in progress and private projects you can head over to my instagram @natasillustration … I post a few times a week. Always seeking to create meaningful content for all of us. And I also share snippets of my life in my stories and occasional WIPs. 

Okay enough of all the blabbering. 
Now, be my guest. Finish your tea. Explore my baby* website, and be one of the first to know the beginnings of my story. 

*because it is not fully developed yet, duh

Au revoir my friends! 


P.s: say hi in the comments!
I love talking to you! 



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