How To Stay Inspired – 5 Tips

Hello dudes and dudettes!

As an artist I can tell you this for sure: you will be stuck.

You probably know these moments when you are stuck on a creative project. You have no ideas left and everything you do looks ordinary or even bad?

Well, let me tell you.

This is happening all the time.

It’s part of the creative process.

Your art will suck until you get the hell out of your creative block. And tell me this: do you want your art to suck? Do you want to be in this uninspired slump? Or do you want rise up and shine?

So in case that you want to be stuck, you can stop reading RIGHT NOW. Because if you proceed you might actually get out of your “I just have no fucking ideas” – situation.

Shall we begin?

1. Instagram

Oh, this sounds counterintuitive you say? Well, no. I’m not saying here that you should scroll and swipe until your eyes feel like puffy pancakes.


I’m saying that you should go and create a folder in your account and save all your favorite artists over there.

This will be your little cheat-sheet.

Because every time that you feel uninspired and don’t know what to draw or to create next, you just go to your saved folder. You click on your fav artists and get a shit ton of inspiration. (please excuse my language)

2. Sit this one out

Every time that you have a creative block it is your brain saying: slow the f* down.

Yes you can trick it and keep drawing and doing and creating. But in the end of the day you are just postponing that creativity slump anyway.

Sometimes it’s the smarter move to just sit it out. Just stop. Stop drawing or doing whatever it is. Give yourself a break. Go for a walk, exercise, get out in nature, meet friends (aka getting out of your cave) just do SOMETHING else.

I can tell you out of experience that whenever I gave in to my creative blocks, I always emerged from it with fresh ideas, and a relaxed mind.

So do yourself a favor and take a break.

3. Sketch Book

All of my most liked and commented posts on Instagram came from my sketchbook. It’s the times when you just sit at home or wait for the train, when you can take it out and sketch your feelings and ideas in that precious little notebook of yours.

As soon as you make creations out of it, they tend to be a lot more thoughtful and meaningful.

4. Coffee place

This is a well kept secret.

But did you know that artist like to go to coffee places because they have all those pretty things and interesting people to draw? The funny conversations that you might overhear sometimes are full of hilarious ideas for your sketch book. Just sayin’.

5. Digital Detox

That tip here is the king of them all.

Take your phone. Turn it off. And put it away for 24 hours or more. You won’t believe how your perception will shift. I do it once weekly (because I keep shabbat). But if I wouldn’t- I’d still rock that detox.

The benefits of a digital detox are HUGE. You’ll realize that there is so much more to do in real life than you could imagine. Ok, here are some of the benefits:

• You’ll think clearer and more creative. (Ideas will just flow your way)

• You’ll have genuine human connections!

• You’ll be more productive than ever before!

• You’ll sleep better.

• You will be more peaceful and calm.

Ok look, the list will go on and on. So I’ll stop right there.

I hope that you enjoyed this little list of things that will bring your creative juices back.

Leave a comment below! Let me know what you think or what you would definitely want to add to the list. 😊

Alrighty then.

It was fun! Come back next time… until then:

peace and love,


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