3 Days No Phone

You guys were curious to hear it, so here it comes…

I have divorced my phone for 3 whole days. 72 hours. No phone, tv or any other electronic devices.

So, here’s how it went:

What you need to know before

Look, you gotta know that once a week I am turning off my phone. And not using it for 24 hours. (Because I’m keeping the shabbat)

So im not a newbie to this whole experience. I’m doing this since a few years. I’m pretty much used to it, and I’m totally looking forward to this. Every. Single. Week.

So how did it go?

It was awesome. Almost.

The first two days were great. I’ve spent time with friends. Ate great food. Read a book. Went for walks and had an overall clear mind. It feels great to not be constantly distracted from life.

Fun fact: did you know that an average person can’t go an hour without checking their phone?

So… as I said. I felt present. Because I was. The benefits overweight all the possible negative points. Also for me, as an artist, it is like a prevention against the artist block. Because when your mind is quiet, inspiration comes more easily.

Day 3

Oh man. Day 3 was very hard. I started to feel so bored. I didn’t have the need to check my phone or anything, I just felt tired. I saw that my mind wasn’t stimulated enough.

I guess we’re just very addicted to constant stimulation.

I also didn’t spend as much time with others as I anticipated. If it wouldn’t have been for my boyfriend, who took me on a spontaneous trip, it would have been MUCH harder to go through that day. (Thanks boyfriend ❤️)


Guys, honestly? I recommend you detox from you phone every single week. If you can’t go one day, go a few hours. Set a time, that fits you best. Turn off your phone and just chill.

Read a book. Do some yoga. Meet friends. Cook delicious food. Meditate. Go for a walk. Lay down in the sun.

The world is a playground, and all we do is stare on screens of all kinds.


You will see that you can find an oasis of peace at any given time.



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