3 Days No Phone

You guys were curious to hear it, so here it comes…

I have divorced my phone for 3 whole days. 72 hours. No phone, tv or any other electronic devices.

So, here’s how it went: Weiterlesen


How To Stay Inspired – 5 Tips

Hello dudes and dudettes!

As an artist I can tell you this for sure: you will be stuck.

You probably know these moments when you are stuck on a creative project. You have no ideas left and everything you do looks ordinary or even bad? Weiterlesen

Introducing Myself

Hey there lovely human of the internet! 

I’m glad you came. 
Grab a cup of tea and let’s enjoy my first blogpost together. 

I am an illustrator. 
I also work and study 45 hours a week. 
AND I have a social life.  Weiterlesen